At Pedal Up Club, we wear multiple hats – we’re passionate about family, we’re avid cyclists, and we’re proud bike shop owners. Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges parents face, trying to keep up with their kids’ growth spurts and ensuring they always ride the perfect-sized bike. We understand the hassle, the waste, and the expenses that come with it.

The spark for Pedal up Club ignited during a memorable gathering with my family, the Mackies, and David’s family, the Martins. David’s insights, combined with our shared experiences, underscored the need for a solution to the challenges of growing children and their ever-evolving biking needs.

From this understanding, our unique subscription program was born. It’s not just about sustainability, though reducing waste is a crucial aspect. It’s about ensuring everyone, regardless of age or experience, has the chance to ride and enjoy the outdoors on two wheels without the burdens of constant upgrades.

Our mission and motto are one and the same: Pedal, Grow, Repeat. We believe in the rhythmic cycle of growth in both biking and life. We strive to share the unbridled joy of cycling, the freedom it offers, and the memories created on shared journeys. We envision a world where the challenges of keeping up with growing kids don’t hinder the shared family experience of biking.

Join our movement, as we pedal towards a future where every child rides the right bike, and every parent breathes a little easier.

-The Mackie Fam - Stew, Meghan, Wattson & Millie